ECA Network

UNEP OzonAction is looking for two individual contractors at level A (junior) and level B to work on Montreal Protocol related network activities and projects in the Europe & Central Asia region. The contract would be for a period of 5,75 months starting as soon as possible in Paris duty station. The individual contractors would be responsible for their own travel to/from Paris, accommodation, visa, insurance etc. Please see attached TORs for your information. 

Interested candidates should please provide their CV or personal history form for an initial screening. However, for the actual recruitment the completed and signed personal history form is required (see attachment). 

UNEP internal candidates interested in a lateral move at G5 or P3 level might also express their interest. There might be a possibility to fill the related posts laterally.


ECA Network vam sa zadovoljstvom skreće pažnju na publikaciju koju je izdala OzonAction tokom nedavnog sastanka MOP27 (27. sastanak strana Montrealskog protokola). Ova publikacija pod nazivom Programi nacionalne sertifikacije za tehničare koji servisiraju rashladne i klimatizacione sisteme ima za cilj da obezbedi preliminarne informacije ustanovama u zemljama u razvoju kako bi bolje razumele pitanje sertifikacije u oblasti hlađenja i klimatizacije, da pomogne u formiranju takvih programa sertifikacije i obuke, i da pokaže tehničarima i preduzećima za servisiranje zbog čega je u njihovom interesu da u tome učestvuju.

Publikacija se može preuzeti ovde.

"It is great pleasure to inform you that we had established RAC Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We had constitutional assembly on 23 June and it was successful. RAC Association is established under Foreign Trade Chamber, and Ms Adela Terek is nominated as Secretary of RAC association".

The Serbian HVAC&R Society members wish their colleagues successfull work. 


We are pleased to forward to you the invitation to and the agenda for the webinar on "Promoting Ozone and Climate friendly refrigerants and air conditioning (R/AC) technologies through Sustainable Public Procurement", hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme Division of Technology, Industry and Economics and co-organized with UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.